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(edit) @329   15 years des Add copyright and CVS Id
(edit) @328   15 years des Stylesheet tweaks.
(edit) @327   15 years des First shot at a stylesheet
(edit) @326   15 years des Add W3C icons.
(edit) @325   15 years des W3C icons
(edit) @324   15 years des First shot at an index
(edit) @323   15 years des Makefile
(edit) @322   15 years des OpenPAM logo
(edit) @321   11 years des This script was written to work around a limitation in Perforce, and …
(edit) @320   11 years des Convert $P4$ tags to $Id$.
(edit) @319   11 years des Start section for next release.
(edit) @318   11 years des Centralize macros used for hiding GCC-specific attributes. Use …
(edit) @317   11 years des Bump the date.
(edit) @316   11 years des Markup nits. Submitted by: ru
(edit) @315   11 years des Correctly escape \& in Perl strings. Submitted by: ru
(edit) @314   11 years des Fix xref ordering and single space after Inc. Submitted by: ru
(edit) @313   11 years des Bump release date.
(edit) @312   11 years des Roll OpenPAM Figwort.
(edit) @311   12 years des Make sure OPENPAM_MODULES_DIR has a trailing slash.
(edit) @310   12 years des Return specific error codes for pam_sm_setcred() and …
(edit) @309   12 years des Add $P4$ tags to files that didn't already have them.
(edit) @308   12 years des If the module path is relative, prepend the module installation …
(edit) @307   12 years des Add Hubert Feyrer, also of NetBSD.
(edit) @306   12 years des s/\$Id\$/\$P4\$/
(edit) @305   12 years des Add a pam.conf(5) manual page.
(edit) @304   12 years des Better to use unsigned char when isspace() is involved.
(edit) @303   12 years des Sort cross-references in dictionary order. Requested by: ru@
(edit) @302   12 years des Add Christos Zoulas and Emmanuel Dreyfus from NetBSD for their …
(edit) @301   12 years des Leave alarm() alone if openpam_ttyconv_timeout is zero or negative. …
(edit) @300   12 years des Additional healthy paranoia. Obtained from: NetBSD
(edit) @299   12 years des Prepare for tomorrow's release of OpenPAM Feterita.
(edit) @298   12 years des Need to set the release date in
(edit) @297   12 years des Dynamically branding a release with today's date has caused trouble in …
(edit) @296   12 years des Sort EXTRA_DIST and add HISTORY.
(edit) @295   12 years des Remove unneeded files, and add openpam_free_envlist(3).
(edit) @294   12 years des Whitespace nits.
(edit) @293   12 years des ->
(edit) @292   12 years des is deprecated in favor of
(edit) @291   12 years des Formatting and documentation nits.
(edit) @290   12 years des Use FREE() instead of free().
(edit) @289   12 years des Add openpam_free_envlist(). I'm tired of freeing them by hand.
(edit) @288   12 years des Hard sentence breaks in inline documentation.
(edit) @287   12 years des Rewrap a paragraph.
(edit) @286   12 years des Add a couple of missing words.
(edit) @285   12 years des Hard sentence break.
(edit) @284   12 years des Add explicit section numbers to sete[gu]id() / setgroups() cross- …
(edit) @283   12 years des Numerous improvements inspired by comments from ru@. Mainly, this …
(edit) @282   12 years des Don't build su(1) and pam_unix(8) by default; they're just examples.
(edit) @281   12 years des Remove an unnecessary cast, obviating the need for <stdint.h> which …
(edit) @280   13 years des s/accound/account/ Spotted by: rwatson
(edit) @279   13 years des Make the ENTER*() and RETURN*() macros safe from side-effects, and …
(edit) @278   13 years des Prepare to release OpenPAM Eelgrass.
(edit) @277   13 years des I originally thought the XSSO was wrong to declare pam_get_data()'s …
(edit) @276   13 years des Tell gcc that _openpam_log() behaves like printf().
(edit) @275   13 years des I completely bungled the previous commit. Don't know what I was …
(edit) @274   13 years des Belatedly fix confusion about the layout of resp, cf. similar changes …
(edit) @273   13 years des Correct the description of the conversation function's second …
(edit) @272   13 years des Revert the previous commit. It seemed like a good idea at the time, …
(edit) @271   13 years des Postpone Dogwood until tomorrow.
(edit) @270   13 years des Update the release notes and installation instructions.
(edit) @269   13 years des FOPEN_MAX wasn't such a reliable <stdio.h> indicator after all, so use …
(edit) @268   13 years des Include all files listed in the manifest.
(edit) @267   13 years des Solaris needs <limits.h> for NGROUPS_MAX. Don't bother making this …
(edit) @266   13 years des Install headers in the right place.
(edit) @265   13 years des Prepare to release OpenPAM Dogwood later today.
(edit) @264   13 years des Use read(2) on fileno(stdin) rather than fgets(3). This make timeout …
(edit) @263   13 years des Constify the msg field of struct pam_message, and realign.
(edit) @262   13 years des Avoid side effects in macro arguments (don't I ever learn?); also …
(edit) @261   13 years des Staticize the default prompts.
(edit) @260   13 years des Change '-type f' to '-not -type d' to make sure we also get symlinks …
(edit) @259   13 years des Joe Marcus Clarke is a FreeBSD committer, so list his address.
(edit) @258   13 years des Checking the return value from pam_get_item(3) isn't enough, we also …
(edit) @257   13 years des A script for removing files P4 doesn't know about.
(edit) @256   13 years des Streamline the distribution process.
(edit) @255   14 years des Have automatically set the release date. Touch all files in …
(edit) @254   14 years des Nits.
(edit) @253   14 years des Update the distribution script to use configure and GNU make.
(edit) @252   14 years des Document the installation procedure.
(edit) @251   14 years des Autoconfuse.
(edit) @250   14 years des Paranoia: clear buffers before returning. Submitted by: Dmitry V. …
(edit) @249   14 years des Fix some markup issues pointed out by ru@.
(edit) @248   14 years des Remove debugging output.
(edit) @247   14 years des Include openpam_readline.3 in the tarball.
(edit) @246   14 years des Release documentation for OpenPAM Digitalis.
(edit) @245   14 years des Give up trying to keep track of what has changed and what hasn't; just …
(edit) @244   14 years des The next release will be Digitalis.
(edit) @243   14 years des Incorporate patches from Dmitry V. Levin which improve the policy …
(edit) @242   14 years des Cross-reference openpam_{get,set}_option(3).
(edit) @241   14 years des Continue improving the new configuration parser, particularly error …
(edit) @240   14 years des Overhaul the configuration parser. This adds support for continuation …
(edit) @239   14 years des Don't include DESTDIR in BINDIR and LIBDIR; OTOH, provide a default …
(edit) @238   14 years des Use RTLD_NOW where available, and define it to RTLD_LAZY otherwise.
(edit) @237   14 years des Note that OpenPAM now builds on most glibc-based Linux platforms.
(edit) @236   14 years des Remove trailing semicolons from macros.
(edit) @235   14 years des No need to explicitly clear pointers now that we use FREE().
(edit) @234   14 years des Return code paranoia: compare against 0 instead of -1. Suggested …
(edit) @233   14 years des Two more cases of asprintf(3) replacing malloc(3) + sprintf(3).
(edit) @232   14 years des With one single exception (where the pointer is obviously being …
(edit) @231   14 years des Whitespace cleanup.
(edit) @230   14 years des Revert part of previous commit; openpam_log(3) doesn't really need …
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