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(edit) @480   5 years des past tense
(edit) @479   5 years des namespace violation mumble mumble
(edit) @478   5 years des Major overhaul of the policy parser to support quoted option values. …
(edit) @477   5 years des Minor simplification.
(edit) @476   5 years des "facility" is more appropriate than "function class"
(edit) @475   5 years des Provide strlcmp(3) internally on systems that don't already have it.
(edit) @474   5 years des Fix the case where match_word() matches the last word on the line. It …
(edit) @473   5 years des - Deduplicate the trailing-whitespace code. - Don't treat " \n" as …
(edit) @472   5 years des Remove commented-out code
(edit) @471   5 years des Expand $Id$
(edit) @470   5 years des Rewrap
(edit) @469   5 years des Mention pamtest(1).
(edit) @468   5 years des Build pamtest.
(edit) @467   5 years des Add a tool for testing modules and policies.
(edit) @466   5 years des Mention that the service function is called twice.
(edit) @465   5 years des Add support for bullet lists.
(edit) @464   5 years des ignore openpam_subst.3
(edit) @463   5 years des Add a trailing slash if the user forgot it.
(edit) @462   5 years des If a module directory was specified on the configure command line, the …
(edit) @461   5 years des Fix namespace violations in local variables used to prevent double …
(edit) @460   5 years des Fix namespace violations in some symbols which have external linkage …
(edit) @459   5 years des Eliminate a potential double evaluation in one of the tracing macros.
(edit) @458   5 years des Add a man page, tweak the usage string, remove useless -h option.
(edit) @457   5 years des Alphabetical order *is* a particular order. At least if the list is …
(edit) @456   5 years des Credit Nick Hibma for suggesting and testing openpam_subst(3).
(edit) @455   5 years des Add a new API function, openpam_subst(3), which replaces substitution …
(edit) @454   5 years des Finally retire _OPENPAM.
(edit) @453   5 years des past tense, for real
(edit) @452   5 years des past tense
(edit) @451   5 years des Tentatively set a name and approximate date for the next release.
(edit) @450   5 years des Recreate my long-lost release-naming script.
(edit) @449   5 years des Revert accidental commit of experimental code.
(edit) @448   5 years des No more .c symlinks!
(edit) @447   5 years des This was written long after the DARPA contract ended.
(edit) @446   5 years des Use VPATH to eliminate the need for symlinks.
(edit) @445   5 years des Modernize, and add support for other authors than ThinkSec?.
(edit) @444   5 years des Document that the item argument (for pam_get_item(3)) and the data …
(edit) @443   5 years des We already have PAM_USER, PAM_RUSER and PAM_RHOST. Add PAM_HOST for …
(edit) @442   5 years des Add red and blue versions.
(edit) @441   5 years des Rename web icons
(edit) @440   5 years des Set correct mime type for images.
(edit) @439   5 years des Regenerate with alpha
(edit) @438   5 years des Language tweaks.
(edit) @437   5 years des Update copyright and release notes.
(edit) @436   5 years des Ignore the m4 directory.
(edit) @435   7 years des Update copyright dates.
(edit) @434   7 years des Credit Jörg for both past and recent assistance.
(edit) @433   7 years des Add support for dynamic modules that contain a struct pam_module.
(edit) @432   7 years des pam_end() already contains a NULL check, and it is not unreasonable to …
(edit) @431   7 years des outdent
(edit) @430   7 years des modernize further
(edit) @429   7 years des -lfoo goes in LIBADD, not LDFLAGS.
(edit) @428   7 years des Slight modernization
(edit) @427   7 years des Portability tip.
(edit) @426   7 years des Fix doc: pam_strerror() ignores pamh.
(edit) @425   7 years des These days, -Wall -Wextra should suffice.
(edit) @424   7 years des Correct email address.
(edit) @423   7 years des Fix double-UTF
(edit) @422   7 years des Convert everything to UTF-8.
(edit) @421   7 years des Grammar nit. Submitted by: Paul Procacci <pprocacci@…>
(edit) @420   7 years des Update copyright
(edit) @419   8 years des Indentation nits
(edit) @418   8 years des Remove static build auto-detection. It was always an ugly hack, and …
(edit) @417   9 years des Update copyright, and coincidentially root out the last remaining …
(edit) @416   9 years des Convert to correct config.h idiom. We must include it before any …
(edit) @415   9 years des Remove a few more namespace violations. Only one remains, which we …
(edit) @414   9 years des Un-screwup the debugging code. Now the "debug" keyword will work even …
(edit) @413   9 years des I must have been drunk when I committed r380, because the cast for …
(edit) @412   9 years des Reintroduce _OPENPAM to unbreak existing applications.
(edit) @411   9 years des Release date
(edit) @410   9 years des OpenPAM Hydrangea
(edit) @409   9 years des Final release date
(edit) @408   9 years des Update copyright.
(edit) @407   9 years des Version number was set incorrectly in previous commit.
(edit) @406   9 years des Change log for Hydrangea
(edit) @405   9 years des Rename <security/pam_attributes.h> to <security/openpam_attr.h>.
(edit) @404   9 years des Pick a name and a release date.
(edit) @403   9 years des Get rid of the module cache; it serves little purpose, and makes …
(edit) @402   9 years des Track namespace changes.
(edit) @401   9 years des Style cleanup; correct some namespace violations (breaking source …
(edit) @400   9 years des Constify.
(edit) @399   9 years des Retroactively tag 20050616 (Figwort)
(edit) @398   9 years des tags
(edit) @397   9 years des Fix multiple definition of dist_man3_MANS.
(edit) @396   9 years des FreeBSD issues have been addressed.
(edit) @395   10 years des Fix some bugs in the build system, and make 'make dist' work as …
(edit) @394   10 years des Silence warnings.
(edit) @393   10 years des Adjust svn:ignore.
(edit) @392   10 years des Add Daniel Richard G. <skunk@…> to the lineup.
(edit) @391   10 years des Make sure automake knows about all the files we want to include in a …
(edit) @390   10 years des There is no need to AC_SUBST() CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS; it is done …
(edit) @389   11 years des Add configure.lineno to svn:ignore.
(edit) @388   11 years des Document --without-doc.
(edit) @387   11 years des fix cut'n'paste nit in previous commit.
(edit) @386   11 years des Clean up the build a little, and make the doc build optional.
(edit) @385   11 years des Add a configure option to turn debugging on by default.
(edit) @384   11 years des Add "Wojciech A. Koszek" <wkoszek@…>, who submitted r383.
(edit) @383   11 years des Plug memory leak.
(edit) @382   11 years des Use a single client connection, instead of reconnecting for every file …
(edit) @381   11 years des Ray Miller's p42svn script, which was used in the p4 -> svn migration.
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