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(edit) @517   3 years des Detect fdlopen(3)
(edit) @507   3 years des --with-doc defaults to yes
(edit) @490   3 years des Add a strlcpy(3) implementation.
(edit) @475   3 years des Provide strlcmp(3) internally on systems that don't already have it.
(edit) @467   3 years des Add a tool for testing modules and policies.
(edit) @463   3 years des Add a trailing slash if the user forgot it.
(edit) @462   3 years des If a module directory was specified on the configure command line, the …
(edit) @438   4 years des Language tweaks.
(edit) @431   5 years des outdent
(edit) @430   5 years des modernize further
(edit) @428   5 years des Slight modernization
(edit) @425   5 years des These days, -Wall -Wextra should suffice.
(edit) @395   8 years des Fix some bugs in the build system, and make 'make dist' work as …
(edit) @390   9 years des There is no need to AC_SUBST() CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS; it is done …
(edit) @387   9 years des fix cut'n'paste nit in previous commit.
(edit) @386   9 years des Clean up the build a little, and make the doc build optional.
(edit) @385   9 years des Add a configure option to turn debugging on by default.
(edit) @320   9 years des Convert $P4$ tags to $Id$.
(edit) @313   10 years des Bump release date.
(edit) @299   10 years des Prepare for tomorrow's release of OpenPAM Feterita.
(copy) @292   10 years des is deprecated in favor of
copied from trunk/
(edit) @282   11 years des Don't build su(1) and pam_unix(8) by default; they're just examples.
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