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(edit) @482   5 years des Revert large parts of r478. I had forgotten that the module arguments …
(edit) @478   5 years des Major overhaul of the policy parser to support quoted option values. …
(edit) @437   5 years des Update copyright and release notes.
(edit) @435   7 years des Update copyright dates.
(edit) @423   7 years des Fix double-UTF
(edit) @422   7 years des Convert everything to UTF-8.
(edit) @420   7 years des Update copyright
(edit) @417   9 years des Update copyright, and coincidentially root out the last remaining …
(edit) @416   9 years des Convert to correct config.h idiom. We must include it before any …
(edit) @408   9 years des Update copyright.
(edit) @320   11 years des Convert $P4$ tags to $Id$.
(edit) @245   14 years des Give up trying to keep track of what has changed and what hasn't; just …
(edit) @242   14 years des Cross-reference openpam_{get,set}_option(3).
(edit) @227   14 years des NOLIST doesn't actually do anything, and hasn't for quite a while.
(edit) @221   14 years des Update copyright dates for files that have changed this year. Also …
(edit) @200   14 years des More debugging macros: ENTERI() (item type), ENTERN() (int), ENTERS() …
(edit) @187   14 years des Instrument entry and exit points.
(edit) @157   15 years des DBA update and minor whitespace fixes.
(edit) @93   15 years des s/Technologies/Technology/ in copyright, and regenerate docs.
(edit) @86   15 years des $Id$ -> $P4$ + regenerate man pages.
(add) @74   15 years des Add openpam_get_option() and openpam_set_option(). Sponsored …
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