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Release documentation for OpenPAM Caliopsis.

Sponsored by: DARPA, NAI Labs

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[59]2                 Release notes for OpenPAM Caliopsis
3                 ===================================
5This is a beta release.
7The library itself is mostly complete.  Documentation exists in the
8form of skeletal man pages for the library itself, but no detailed
9documentation is provided in this release.
11This release is primarily intended for reviewers and developers
12interested in testing OpenPAM on FreeBSD.  It has not been tested on
13any other OS, though it should build and run with minimal tweaks on
14NetBSD and OpenBSD.
[59]16Known issues:
18  - The pam_get_user() and pam_get_authtok() functions do not check
19    for commonly used options such as {use,try}_first_pass or
20    auth_as_self.  In fact, pam_get_authtok() behaves as if
21    try_first_pass was always specified.
23  - The provided conversation function, openpam_ttyconv(), should
24    block signals, and support some sort of timeout.
26  - The documentation is far from complete.
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