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[647]2                  Release notes for OpenPAM ????????
3                  ==================================
[506]5This release corresponds to the code used in FreeBSD HEAD as of the
[437]6release date, and is also expected to work on almost any POSIX-like
7platform that has GNU autotools, GNU make and the GNU compiler suite
[647]10The distribution consists of the following components:
[647]12 - The PAM library itself, with complete API documentation.
[647]14 - Sample modules (pam_permit, pam_deny and pam_unix) and a sample
15   application (su) which demonstrate how to use PAM.
[647]17 - A test application (pamtest) which can be used to test policies and
18   modules.
20 - A library which implements the OATH one-time password algorithms,
21   with complete API documentation.
23 - A PAM module which implements OATH-based authentication.
25 - Unit tests for limited portions of the libraries.
[424]27Please direct bug reports and inquiries to <>.
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