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Release documentation for OpenPAM Digitalis.

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2                 Release notes for OpenPAM Digitalis
3                 ===================================
5This release incorporates several major changes and improvements and
6should be considered BETA QUALITY.
8This release corresponds to the code used in FreeBSD-CURRENT as of the
9release date.  It is also known to build cleanly on NetBSD 1.6,
10OpenBSD 3.1, and a number of glibc-based Linux platforms (with BSD
11make installed).  It may or may not build on other platforms; you will
12need a BSD-compatible make(1) (NetBSD's make(1) is easy to port to
13most POSIX platforms).  Previous versions were successfully built on
14MacOS X 10.1, but there seem to be issues with the heavily modified
15version of GCC 3.1 that ships with MacOS X 10.2.
17The library itself is complete.  Documentation exists in the form of
18man pages for the library functions.  These man pages are generated by
19a Perl script from specially marked-up comments in the source files
20themselves, which minimizes the chance that any of them should be out
21of date.
23The distribution also includes three sample modules (pam_deny,
24pam_permit and pam_unix) and a sample application (su).  These are not
25intended for actual use, but rather to serve as examples for module or
26application developers.
28NOTE: to the person who sent me MacOS patches in July 2002: I have
29lost your name and email address.  Please contact me so I can give you
30proper credit for your contribution.
32Please direct bug reports and inquiries to
34$P4: //depot/projects/openpam/RELNOTES#18 $
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