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2                  Release notes for OpenPAM Feterita
3                  ==================================
5This release corresponds to the code used in FreeBSD-CURRENT as of the
6release date.  It has also been tested on several other platforms, and
7is expected to work on almost any POSIX-like platform that has GNU
8autotools, GNU make and the GNU compiler suite installed.  One notable
9exception is MacOS X, which ships with a very weird, heavily modified
10version of GCC.
12The library itself is complete.  Documentation exists in the form of
13man pages for the library functions.  These man pages are generated by
14a Perl script from specially marked-up comments in the source files
15themselves, which minimizes the chance that any of them should be out
16of date.
18The distribution also includes three sample modules (pam_deny,
19pam_permit and pam_unix) and a sample application (su).  These are not
20intended for actual use, but rather to serve as examples for module or
21application developers.
23NOTE: to the person who sent me MacOS patches in July 2002: I have
24lost your name and email address.  Please contact me so I can give you
25proper credit for your contribution.
27Please direct bug reports and inquiries to <>.
29$P4: //depot/projects/openpam/RELNOTES#21 $
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