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OpenPAM Celandine

OpenPAM Celandine was released on 2002-03-05.

  • BUGFIX PAM_TRY_AGAIN is a valid return value for pam_chauthtok().
  • BUGFIX Run passwd chain twice, first with the PAM_PRELIM_CHECK flag set, then with the PAM_UPDATE_AUTHTOK flag set.
  • BUGFIX Failure of a "sufficient" module should not terminate the passwd chain if the PAM_PRELIM_CHECK flag is set.
  • BUGFIX Clear PAM_AUTHTOK after running the service modules.
  • ENHANCE Prevent applications from specifying the PAM_PRELIM_CHECK or PAM_UPDATE_AUTHTOK flags themselves.
  • BUGFIX openpam_set_option() did not support changing the value of an existing option.
  • ENHANCE Add support for module versioning. OpenPAM will prefer a module with the same version number as the library itself to one with no version number at all.

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