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OpenPAM Cinchona

OpenPAM Cinchona was released on 2002-04-08.

  • ENHANCE Improved documentation for several API functions.
  • BUGFIX Fix bug in pam_set_data() that would result in corruption of the module data list.
  • BUGFIX Allocate the correct amount of memory for the environment list in pam_putenv().
  • ENHANCE Change pam_get_authtok()'s prototype so the caller can specify what token it wants. Also introduce PAM_OLDAUTHTOK_PROMPT.
  • BUGFIX Plug memory leak in pam_get_user() / pam_get_authtok(), and reduce differences between these very similar functions.
  • ENHANCE Check flags carefully in pam_authenticate() and pam_chauthtok().
  • BUGFIX Fix bugs in portability code; libpam now builds on NetBSD.
  • ENHANCE In pam_get_authtok(), if PAM_OLDAUTHTOK is set, we're asked for PAM_AUTHTOK, and we have to prompt the user, prompt her twice and compare the responses.
  • ENHANCE Add openpam_{borrow,restore}_cred(), for temporarily switching to user credentials.
  • ENHANCE Add openpam_free_data(), a generic cleanup function for pam_set_data() consumers.

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