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OpenPAM Hydrangea

OpenPAM Hydrangea was released on 2007-12-21.

  • ENHANCE: when compiling with GCC, mark up API functions with GCC attributes where appropriate.
  • BUGFIX: fixed numerous warnings uncovered by GCC 4.
  • ENHANCE: building the documentation is now optional.
  • ENHANCE: corrected a number of mistakes and style issues in the build system.
  • ENHANCE: API function arguments are now const where appropriate, to match corresponding changes in the Solaris PAM and Linux-PAM APIs.
  • ENHANCE: corrected a number of C namespace violations.
  • ENHANCE: the module cache has been removed, allowing long-lived applications to pick up module changes. This also allows multiple threads to use PAM simultaneously (as long as they use separate PAM contexts), since the module cache was the only part of OpenPAM that was not thread-safe.

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