OpenPAM Resedacea

OpenPAM Resedacea was released on 2017-04-30.

  • BUGFIX Reinstore the NULL check in pam_end(3) which was removed in OpenPAM Radula, as it breaks common error-handling constructs.
  • BUGFIX Return PAM_SYMBOL_ERR instead of PAM_SYSTEM_ERR from the dispatcher when the required service function could not be found.

  • ENHANCE Introduce the PAM_BAD_HANDLE error code for when pamh is NULL in API functions that have a NULL check.
  • ENHANCE Introduce the PAM_BAD_ITEM, PAM_BAD_FEATURE and PAM_BAD_CONSTANT error codes for situations where we previously incorrectly used PAM_SYMBOL_ERR to denote that an invalid constant had been passed to an API function.
  • ENHANCE Improve the RETURN VALUES section in API man pages, especially for functions that cannot fail, which were incorrectly documented as returning -1 on failure.

Download from here or Sourceforge

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